Welcome Beautiful Baby Boy (and newborn clients!)

There were so many rules in my head that kept me away from in-home newborn sessions — you have to pose baby in knots, cart a truckload of props and swaddle like a superhero to name a few. And while there are people that do this beautifully, it’s not me and I’m so thankful for other lifestyle photographers that have opened my eyes to the fact that I can photograph newborns in the same way I shoot my family in-home sessions — in a natural, baby-led, storytelling way. So I’m excited to share I’m now doing in-home newborn lifestyle sessions — not at my location but at the client’s — in their element.

I was just over the moon at this session because I’ve worked with this family since the beginning of my business and am so happy for them! Little Evan has been a favorite of mine since she was six months old and I was so tickled at how excited she was about baby brother. I love the image of her in her favorite costume especially because it’s her daily attire and I’d never capture this at my typical outdoor session. While there is so much beauty and moments to be had at an outdoor session by a pond, the in-home lifestyle session offers a more intimate, personal side of the story. And both sides need to be told, I think.











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