Beach Sessions!

I’m the worst about getting my own family photos done. One reason is that my sister Lisa Rappa is an amazing professional photographer and she gifts us with a great shot at random moments on vacations or family gatherings. Of course, I know that there’s much more to be had from a full family session, but I photograph my own kids so much and we’ve had great luck just handing the (set) camera to a stranger for the family shot when I do hold our own little sessions, usually at the beach. This was the first year we didn’t get that shot but it wasn’t a big priority. These photos were taken first thing in the morning and I literally jumped out of bed, barely put a brush through my hair or much thought into what the kids were wearing. No pressure on getting it right when you are the photographer and I love the boys in their normal swim gear just being their wild and free selves. My husband helped me get some mom shots that I’ll treasure forever, and I have a new favorite spot to shoot! Unfortunately, it’s a 6 hour drive away, but I am scheduling vacations around sessions this coming year in both Jacksonville, FL and Seagrove, FL — so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are headed down that way! :)

As a side note, this was one of my quickest edits ever due to very limited time — many are just one click with the Water & Light Presets!









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