36 Weeks with Twins

This was just one of the most inspiring sessions I’ve had as a photographer, combining my new love of underwater photography and my old love of maternity photos. Even more special, this mom was carrying twins and found me last minute — when she knew it was probably now or never to capture this glorious pregnancy, as the twins were expected any day. We were both new to underwater maternity, so it was funny and intuitive and relaxed, too.

I had much to share about my experience carrying and having twins, so that was fun to talk about, although I have to say I was not nearly as strong and lean and graceful as Taylea, which put me in awe of her. I certainly know how strenuous it can be to carry twins and even to breathe on land — so to do so underwater was a physical challenge at this late stage of the pregnancy, but she was up for it, even doing underwater flips — with breaks in between, of course. Special thanks to Nicole Kristin Photography in Florida for connecting us and Taylea for coming out to my pool that day. I’m officially in love with underwater sessions and booking late Spring and Summer 2017!




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