For Photographers – PRESETS



Mood is everything!  My Lightroom Water & Light Presets allow me to instantly create beautiful tones and consistently set the mood and make a photo special — both over and underwater. I’m excited to share them here! As with all presets, these rely on good exposure, light and white balance in the original photo. A few other things to note:

— 5 PRESETS included in the Water & Light Collection — CRISP, FILL LIGHT, NORMAL, SOFT AND BW. The four color presets have the same tones but subtle differences that help depending on the photo’s light. The Black and White preset is classic, dramatic and my basis for all BW photos.

–Designed to work with RAW files. Each preset will work on JPEGs but be super strong.

–Lightroom Process version 2012 and CC

–These are strong presets. Don’t be afraid to adjust and tone down the preset to work with your photo. This is a starting point and your edit might be one click but it might need some fine-tuning.

–The examples below are ONE-CLICK so you can see the instant mood with each.

Get at the Introductory Sale Price of $65 for the whole Water & Light Collection (regulary $85).



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