Wonderful Family and Light

Such a treat to photograph this family again. I just adore this little girl and have loved photographing her since she was 7 months old! Mom and Dad are also wonderful, and such a beautiful couple, so they humor me by letting me take shots of them as well. One of my favorite sessions!


web-2WEB-21 WEB-20 WEB-18 WEB-12 WEB-8 WEB-7 WEB-5 WEB-4  WEB

WEB-49 WEB-48WEB-46 WEB-44 WEB-43 WEB-41 WEB-39 WEB-38 WEB-37 WEB-36 WEB-23 WEB-33 WEB-32 WEB-30 WEB-29 WEB-28 WEB-27

WEB-92 WEB-88 WEB-87 WEB-83 WEB-82 WEB-80 WEB-77 WEB-76 WEB-69 WEB-68 WEB-66 WEB-65 WEB-61 WEB-58 WEB-59 WEB-53



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