I’m amazed at how life can just take over — major home repairs, sickness and bad weather have kept me away from photography these past two weeks and I miss everything about it. But fortunately, once all the craziness clears, I have my two boys to photograph and they really floored me with how sweet they were about the photo taking yesterday. I haven’t done a real session with them in a long time, and with Scott at work, I relied on pockets full of candy for their cooperation — but I think the time away from the camera helped them to enjoy it more as well. Ages 3 and 5 have been magical in every way and I would be happy to have us all freeze our ages indefinitely :). Right now I’m “the best mom they ever had,” and they love being with me and wake us up in the morning with cuddling and joy. They’ll start dancing if there’s music playing wherever we go, and everything is new and amazing and delightful. While 2014 has had a bumpy start, I’m more excited than ever to enjoy these moments and make the most of my time with them, especially with the schedule I have during this slower work season. Of course, I’m also excited about upcoming sessions, the hot chocolate mini event, and this heavenly winter light.

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