Full Session!

A marathon of minis  made me super excited to have 2 full hours with a family. Well, actually, anyone who has done a mini with me knows it pretty much lasts an hour and feels like a full session, but having the 2 full hours is a bit more relaxing and definitely leaves more room for creativity — and s’mores! Since the vast majority of mini clients end up purchasing their full gallery, I do recommend the full session for more options as well. This client scheduled a full session back in March and I felt like I knew her really well by the time she came with her family — thanks to our corresponding and becoming friends on Facebook :). This family was so full of affection and smiles that it was easy to capture special moments. Like all 2 and 4 year olds, these two kiddos were on the GO but they have the space to run around here and I always say let them “take a lap” before we do the next pose if they need it. Their moments of freedom paid off and we had a great time together. I think the shots with son and dad and then mom dancing with the daughter (they had a special dance they do) are my personal favorites, but sibling shots always get me as well:). Many thanks to this beautiful family for a wonderful session!

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3 thoughts on “Full Session!

  1. I never told you but I totally wanted some pictures that looked like a fun JCREW ad. I think those smores pictures totally captured that style!

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