Red Canoe


I’m very behind on the blog, and looking forward to updating it once I get through editing Fall sessions — but I did want to do a quick post on something that’s relevant to upcoming sessions — we got a canoe! My sweet husband surprised me with it this weekend (and a big thanks to my brother-in-law Alan for helping him get it here). I’m hard to surprise so I was pretty floored and so touched to hear about the trouble he went to in order to keep it a secret. I’d mentioned I wanted a canoe for Christmas, and it’s a great gift for the boys, too. I have so many ideas for this thing and can’t wait to do a sunset session with it! After our first trip in the canoe we went and got our tree and included a few shots of that, too. If getting photos with your kids feels like a wrestling  match, you are not alone :). I love what a client recently commented:  “photographing toddlers could be an olympic sport.” I think this is true for preschoolers (and their parents, too), but I know I will miss the days when  my boys’ photos are so spirited and show so much youthful joy (even if a bit exhausting to capture in the photo-ha). Thanks for getting these photos with the boys for me, Scott and for the awesome boat! <3

 Print-8x10-3 Print-8x10-4
Print-8x10-2  Print-8x10-7 Print-8x10-8 Print-8x10-9 Print-8x10-10  Print-8x10-12 Print-8x10-13 Print-8x10-14 Print-8x10-15 Print-8x10-16 Print-8x10-17 Print-8x10-18 Print-8x10-19 Print-8x10-20 Print-8x10-21 Print-8x10-22 Print-8x10-23  Print-8x10-25

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