Laughs & the Unexpected

I just have to smile looking at these photos because I had some funny moments with this family, including when my neighbor’s little dogs decided to join the session for a bit — something that had never happened before. They followed us around and did get in the way of the shots a couple of times, but they also came in handy for keeping Will’s attention! Will had the charm turned on and was an absolute delight to capture. He never seemed to tire and was just enjoying every moment — I was so impressed by his smiles and stamina. What’s neat about this session is that Megan and I connected after I had a photo featured on the Clickin Moms Facebook page, which is a leading photography community. She’s in the works of starting her own photography business, in fact. So, I was thrilled that one of the photos from her own session with us was featured on Clickin Moms today (the one with dad, Will and the bike). It seemed like things came full circle in a perfect way, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know Megan and her  family so much. Thank you to Clickin Moms and this beautiful family!


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