Tyler’s 5th Year

Photographing my boys will always be my first love with photography, although this year it has been either a special occasion or a warm-up for a session. What I’ve lost in my photos is the celebration of the everyday moments with them, and I’m going to try to get that back — along with some more balance in my life :). As I look back at the pictures I took of Tyler this year, buried between thousands of session photos, I realize what a great little partner he has become in the practice shots. He’s  always up for a picture — asking to “take pictures” instead of napping — ha. Smart little man, too. Tyler’s 5th year has been magic, an awakening of consciousness, the cultivation of kindness and love that makes my mother’s heart swell with pride, a sensitive and artistic spirit that is thriving, the discovery of leadership and influence, athletic ability, and as always, he’s a source of uninterrupted joy that makes us smile.
DSC_4801 copy cuteface  DSC_4705Edit copy

One thought on “Tyler’s 5th Year

  1. Sammy, I’m crying. I love this darling child and his magnificent spirit. Your love of your boys is deeply moving and beautifully captured. Love you dear friend.

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