Handmade Frames: Frame of the Month (MAY)

As many of you know, my husband Scott is a fulltime Creative Director during the week, but he also enjoys working in his shop creating beautiful handmade frames. His fine art roots in sculpting, painting and design have come in handy and since he’s managing people and not creating during the day, this is a great outlet and people have loved what he does. He’s also working on a line of chalkboards that I’m excited about and he does do custom sizes on frames as well, so just ask and he’ll make it. :) This post is just to show the packaging and to announce a new program, called Frame of the Month, where will be featuring and discounting one of the frames each month. Below is the Waterlily I frame, which is 20% off for the month of May! It’s classic and beautiful and a client favorite, as it really lets the photo shine and goes with any decor. Each frame comes individually wrapped and makes a wonderful gift to loved ones or yourself. :) We are working out the details of a giveaway for this frame but that will be another post. In the meantime, please check out the new frame ordering site and let us know your thoughts.


webframe frame-may

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