New to Newborns: Welcome Precious Addyson

Special thanks to this beautiful family for  allowing me to photograph their beautiful baby girl, Addyson. As the title says, I’m new to newborn photography, a true specialty, so this was very exciting for me. My sister is a master at this type of photography, so I’ve not really focused on it, but as I take on maternity and 6-month old sessions, I realized I don’t want to miss this most precious time in a family’s life if it’s something they’d want me to capture. So, now I’m forming what I hope is a cool package of natural light, studio and outdoor photography for newborns, utilizing our huge windows, ample props, spacious studio and grounds to welcome new little ones here. For those that wish to stay in the comfort of their homes, my talented sister goes on-location and more info on her offerings is available at With this special family,  life has come full circle. I spent my early childhood as “best friends” with Alison, who is welcoming her daughter’s daughter! Yes, she is a very young grandma :). It has been almost 20 years since we last saw each other, so it was amazing to catch up and meet her new family members. I could almost tear up talking about the old friends this business has reunited us with and I’m so grateful to make new friends through the process as well!
(It was too cool outside for outdoor photos but we did two natural light rooms and one studio room.)
comp2  comp4
addyandmom comp5  comp7 comp8 comp9 comp10 comp11 comp13
 comp15 comp16 comp17  comp18 comp19

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