Magic Hour


A dear friend just lost her father this weekend to cancer, and I’ve been wanting to do a post to spread awareness about this foundation we are proud to be members of, called Magic Hour Foundation — so this post is also in honor of her father. Many prayers and love to you and your family, Jo.

I also lost my wonderful father to cancer 12 years ago when I was 25, and my husband lost his courageous father to cancer a week before our oldest son was born. Cancer has affected both my grandmothers, my uncles, my beloved dog, even my young cousin, almost taking her life. What’s so sad is this story is all too common and cancer has impacted everyone. I do free sessions for different reasons, but when someone is in a time of scary transition or dealing with something hard, it gives the free session all the more meaning — it’s a true honor. So now as an accepted photographer for this foundation, an honor in itself, we are waiting for our match with families fighting this disease like my family has for so long. I love that it’s called Magic Hour, because like they describe below, it is absolutely my favorite time to shoot, and I almost shoot exclusively at the beginning and end of the day for this glorious glow of the sun.

Here is the foundation’s description:

“Magic Hour refers to the half hour at the beginning and ending of each day as the sun transitions and casts a golden yellow glow. It is light at its most beautiful and photographers will wait to capture it. Our clients are in the magic hours of their lives – some are transitioning out of life on this earth and we aim to capture their beauty and preserve it for their families. Some have overcome and are transitioning into a life with more clarity and purpose, disease-free. We want all cancer warriors to have the opportunity to remember how beautiful they are and how poignant this time is in their life and the lives of their families – free of charge and free of complication.”

Recipients can be nominated here:


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