Stock Photography Model Call

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Hi! This is a model call for those interested in stock photo opportunities with me (Samantha McBride Photography). Usually these opportunities will be just “lifestyle” photos or they might be photos I might use for a clothing brand. Currently looking for kids, teens and moms, but may expand that need in the future.

How to Submit

Simply send me a photo and include ages and clothing sizes. It’s great to know if you are available on weekdays or weekend primarily. Email me at

I’m seeking a variety of looks and ethnicities with a focus on younger girls (newborn to age 7) due to the brands I’m currently working with. I will add you to my Facebook group where I do model calls and reach out to you if I think your size/age/look is a fit for an upcoming shoot.

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About Stock Photography

The way brands use photography has drastically changed in recent years with many referring to stock photo websites for their imagery rather than doing a shoot themselves.  Blogs, social media, and even print requires such a heavy load of imagery that it’s simply more cost effective for them to refer to stock.

For a photographer to make money in this industry, they either have to A) sell a large quantity of photos at low prices or B) sell only their most compelling and best photos at a premium with premium stock companies. I do “B” — selling my images for up to $500 (of which I only get a percentage).

I work with two prestigious stock companies — Offset and Adobe Premium. Offset is owned by Shutterstock and you must be accepted by them which is competitive. Adobe Premium is an invitation-only opportunity I was excited to receive. They may only use a one or two images from a shoot and only accept what they think is commercially appealing to their customers.

You can see the accounts here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I get paid as a model? No. In lieu of payment, I offer the photos as downloads for you to keep and use for personal printing and sharing.
  2. Who will buy the photos from offset and adobe? Do we get to see or approve who buys? No these photos sell at a high cost with companies that vet their customers (no pornography etc), but I don’t get to control who buys the photos. While it’s rare, you can see a sad photo used for an abuse helpline or something along that nature, but I’m usually shooting happy joyous photos that wouldn’t support such a campaign. However, I caution my adult models that there is the smallest chance they could end up on a billboard for adult diapers (not likely obviously but you get the idea).
  3. Where else could use the photos? I do photo sessions for brands, such as Sweet Honey, and I’ll be sure to let you know if the session is for a brand ahead of time.

Thank you for your interest! I have fun at these shoots and hope they are fun for you, too! I ask that you sign model releases for me, Offset and Adobe before the shoot and will email those to you each time.


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Click Away – Amelia Island Model Call




I did a model call a few months back for this conference coming up in February. A few more needs have come up for both me and some other photographers. If you already applied, feel free to apply again. Please respond directly to the photographer — thank you!



Looking for 1 family for friday 2/16 at 4:30
2-3 kids age range 2-7
-Willing to get sand between their toes, splash in the ocean and take clothing suggestions

Please email Shalonda Chaddock at



Models Needed! I am in search of three families to model for me at a photography conference in Amelia Island Feb 16-18.
One Family with 2-3 children ages 1-8yrs. This is for an indoor family session with a focus on play, laughter, and your connection with one another.
Two Families with 1-2 children (or just a couple!) ages 5+. This specific class is for newborn photography. I’ll need someone with a sense of humor who can pose with a doll (yes, really!) for a few shots. Don’t worry! I’ll be taking images without the doll for your personal use as well.
For your time, you will receive the digital images complimentary from me and any attendees who upload/share. Contact me at!
BRITTANY BLAKE | Newborn & Family Photographer | Facebook | Instagram




I’m looking for either one couple to double up or 2 separate couples:
-Married, dating, or engaged heterosexual couple
-Mixed race/ethnicity encouraged but not required
-Comfortable taking direction and posing in front of multiple photographers
-Bonus points for being super in love and excited about being photographed!
-Availability: Saturday, February 17 at 10 am; Sunday, February 18 at 12:30 pm
-Couple will receive edited digital images 2-3 weeks after the shoot
Please contact me by phone or email if interested and include your full names and Instagram handles.
Phone: 703-994-5803
Atlanta & Destination Wedding Photographer




This model call is for a family available on Sunday Feb, 18th to be my models for a Family Photography Shootout described here:

I will upload any shots I get for you and attendees will be invited to upload their photos for the family to keep and use for personal printing and sharing. Would love to find an expecting mom with at least 2 kids for this.

If interested, please email with ages of your family members.




Looking for a fun, fearless family from the local area to participate in a family photojournalism demonstration session for the upcoming Clickaway conference in Amelia Island, Florida. A family with two or more children, with an age-range spanning from teens to babies would be ideal. The family will be photographed either indoors or outdoors  (or both if you would like to do both sessions) as they go about normal family interactions; no posing required! The dates are Saturday, 17 February 2018 from 1030-1200 and Sunday, 18 February, from 3:30-5. The family will fully edited images delivered to them, complimentary of the photographer, within 4 weeks of the shoot. Please email Bonnie Carrender @ if interested


Sunrise Family Session – Jacksonville

This December session was 60 degrees at 7am! Perfect and comfortable with the beach empty enough to relax. I think it’s my favorite spot and time to shoot for sure and can’t wait to get back when it warms up a little again. This session was focused on mom and baby with some dad shots worked in for the Christmas card. I was thrilled to have his help behind the scenes and just loved this family. <3



36 Weeks with Twins

Really love seeing underwater maternity photos get so much attention in the news so I’m sharing this amazing mama again. She was incredible to work with at 36 weeks with twins!

Samantha McBride Photography

This was just one of the most inspiring sessions I’ve had as a photographer, combining my new love of underwater photography and my old love of maternity photos. Even more special, this mom was carrying twins and found me last minute — when she knew it was probably now or never to capture this glorious pregnancy, as the twins were expected any day. We were both new to underwater maternity, so it was funny and intuitive and relaxed, too.

I had much to share about my experience carrying and having twins, so that was fun to talk about, although I have to say I was not nearly as strong and lean and graceful as Taylea, which put me in awe of her. I certainly know how strenuous it can be to carry twins and even to breathe on land — so to do so underwater was a physical challenge at…

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Welcome Beautiful Baby Boy (and newborn clients!)

There were so many rules in my head that kept me away from in-home newborn sessions — you have to pose baby in knots, cart a truckload of props and swaddle like a superhero to name a few. And while there are people that do this beautifully, it’s not me and I’m so thankful for other lifestyle photographers that have opened my eyes to the fact that I can photograph newborns in the same way I shoot my family in-home sessions — in a natural, baby-led, storytelling way. So I’m excited to share I’m now doing in-home newborn lifestyle sessions — not at my location but at the client’s — in their element.

I was just over the moon at this session because I’ve worked with this family since the beginning of my business and am so happy for them! Little Evan has been a favorite of mine since she was six months old and I was so tickled at how excited she was about baby brother. I love the image of her in her favorite costume especially because it’s her daily attire and I’d never capture this at my typical outdoor session. While there is so much beauty and moments to be had at an outdoor session by a pond, the in-home lifestyle session offers a more intimate, personal side of the story. And both sides need to be told, I think.











Happy Place

More from our beach trip in September that I hadn’t gotten a chance to work on. To me, nothing more beautiful than the sight of my boys in their happy place and these were taken at sunrise, so the light was amazing. Just based on how much I love shooting here, I think I may be a beach photographer at heart — with a small hurdle being that I don’t live at the beach! :)



Fun Time on a Friday!

This sweet family came and saw me on a Friday afternoon, driving in traffic with a baby that hadn’t napped — but you would never know it! She was such a delight and set the tone for a fun and special session. Her big bros were also so great to work with even after the long drive. Perhaps this family has some baby super powers — after all, they are the creators of the NumNum baby products that are just awesome for little ones. You’ll definitely want to check them out if you have a little one:

Special thanks to this family for letting me take their photos –I loved this session and the moments we captured!








Adorable Family at Berry Patch

This family was adorable in every way and such a pleasure to capture. When my talented friend and fellow photographer (Kenzi Tainow Photography) reached out to me about a session, I knew it was going to be super fun! They ventured out from the city to tackle Berry Patch Farms with me. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to where I shoot, because I like to really know it to make the most of it — and Berry Patch is a new favorite spot for me! Loved this session and love this family!

Party of 7

Wonderful time with this beautiful family at our neighborhood pond (they live here too!) This was a morning session and the awesome light is why I ask clients to get here so early — now that the time’s changed that’s 8am. So worth it though!